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Friday, March 20, 2020

Mass poisoning with chloroquine as people fears coronavirus

An official of Nigeria’s Lagos State government has disclosed that hospitals are receiving patients suffering from chloroquine poisoning.

Oreoluwa Finnih, a Senior Special Assistant to Lagos governor has thus urged the public to desist from using the anti-malaria drug as a measure of preventing coronavirus infection. In Nigeria reports indicate that the drug’s price has been hiked since the news broke.

Chloroquine has been gaining traction on social media since some news agencies reported it had been approved for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outlets cited U.S. president Donald Trump as making the claims. America’s Food and Drugs Authority, FDA, has since disclaimed the assertion saying the drug has not been cleared for any such purpose.


People are hoarding and buying chloroquine out of panic. People who need chloroquine for other illnesses may die due to this madness.

Chloroquine pack yesterday 8,000 naira

Today 25,000 naira.

This is insane.

Govt must act NOW.

Today,  an official of Lagos state government uncovered that hospitals are receiving patients who was poisoned with chloroquine because of fear of coronavirus.

A senior special assistant to Lagos state governor,  oreoluwa Finnih, has impelled thw public to stop the use of chlorine known as a drug for curing malaria as a measure of preventing coronavirus infection.

Chloroquine had been gaining pulls on social media since some news agencies reported it had been approved as a measure to cure coronavirus wide spread.

Thw outlets cited Donald trump,  the unites staye president, making the claims. Thw American food and drugs agency had since denied  the declaration claiming the drug hadn't been cleared for any such purpose.

A general appeal to the public:

People are buying chloroquine out of panic, the patients in need of the drugs for its purpose are  at the risk of death because of the rampage on the drugs.

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Nigeria experiences a new case of corona virus.

New cases of coronavirus Covid-19 have been reported earlier today in Nigeria.

Earlier today,  the minister of health, Mr osagie ohanire,  announced the four new case of coronavirus in Lagos and one in Ekiti.

According to the minister's speech,  the cases we're confirm on Tuesday and the validity happened on Wednesday.

The minister gave a thorough explanation on how  the cases came on,  according to him,  the three victims came from the united states of America which includes a mother and child, while the  other two came from UK from the nations land border.

He assured the public that non had died of the virus in Nigeria, and one of the earlier threw cases had rapidly recovered from the virus.

A better precautions should be taken to avoid getting the virus.

Mainly,  vitamins and mask are essential measure for the virus prevention.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2 Diets That Can Improve Your Bone and Muscles Strength

Diet can have a big impact on our body. It is said that you become what you eat and its somehow true. People who overeat are fat and have various health problems. Those who follow a healthy diet and have control over what they eat are mostly fit and healthy. 

These factors can lead to a more serious issue that can make your bones weak. In some cases, people who dont follow a healthy diet have weak bones and muscles. If you consume too much unhealthy beverage in your diet then it can lower your bone density which can then lead to osteoporosis. 

You can prevent such issues by sticking to one healthy diet. These diets can give you various other benefits. Such as digestive health and reduced inflammation in your body. The diets that we will focus on are rich in calcium and protein. Your bones and muscles require these nutrients to form up and stay healthy. If you dont take enough protein or calcium then you will start noticing some issues. Let’s discuss these 2 diets that can improve your bone and muscle strength.

There are a few foods that you will have to avoid in order to take a high calcium diet. If you are someone who is suffering from diabetes then consult your doctor before following such diets. Like I said that there are some foods that interfere with the absorption of calcium in your body. 

Legumes, lentils, and spinach are the foods that can interfere with the absorption of calcium in your body. If you have weak bones then try to avoid such foods and shift towards foods that are high in calcium and also have a good amount of protein in it. Such foods can improve your overall health. If you want to build stronger bones and also lose fat then mix this diet with master cleanse. It will also help your body to detox and lose weight. 

In this diet, you have to consume foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. Eating such foods will allow your muscles to grow and build stronger bones. If you are young then eating foods that are high in protein will help you maintain a stable and healthy weight. Although if you start eating high protein junk food then it will make you fat. Eating processed foods are not good for your health. Remember that we are consuming foods that are high in protein and low in carbs.

Foods such as salmon, veggies, dairy, and lean meat are what you need to fulfill the daily protein your body requires. Fish is low in carb and this makes it the perfect food to be consumed daily or even 3 times in a week. So if you want stronger muscles then eat foods that are high in protein. 

Some foods contain nutrients that can help in growing your muscle mass. Some fitness trainers prefer supplements over natural foods but this is not beneficial in the long run. If you want to stay healthy and have a healthy life then eat foods that are natural. The following are some healthy foods that are vital for your bone and muscle health. 

  • Salmon fish
  • Tuna fish
  • Mackerel
  • Lean meat
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Vegetables
  • Bone broth

These were some of the foods that can give your body enough amount of protein and calcium. Especially salmon fish and bone broth. These two foods contain a high amount of protein and calcium that can prevent various bone-related disorders and also promote muscle strength. 

Consuming these foods can not only grow your muscle mass but they will also make your bones strong, and there are various other benefits that you can get by including these foods into your diet. Other than that following the 2 diets that I have mentioned above will improve your overall health. One thing that you should keep in mind is that by following a diet for a few weeks or months won’t do you any good. If you want to notice real results then stick with any diet for more then 6 months. You need patience in order to maintain a healthy weight, bones, and muscles.