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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Four unique ways to overcome masturbation

Are you addicted to masturbation? Do you always masturbates against your own will?  Like you regret after doing it?

Don't worry,  if you're such a person,  this article if for you.
The four (4) unique way of overcoming masturbation.

   Firstly masturbation is the stimulation of ones genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure.
Masturbation can be defined in a lame man perspective as the act of constantly  rubbing and  touching of ones private part for sexual arousal mostly done for pleasure.

Masturbation addiction:
Do you know that when ones addicted to masturbation, its hard to overcome it?
Yes it happens.

An addicted masturbater can hardly be free from the act.  They can be very secretive but unknown to some people,  they are weak and full of remorse when ever the deed is done.

They would be willing to stop the act but can't do it.
This article would tell you the four unique ways to overcome masturbation.

They following are the unique four (4) of overcoming masturbation.

1) Opening up to a close friend,  sister,  brother or any trusted relative:
You see the problem of most masturbators is that they are way too secretive.

They prefer trying hard on their own to stop the act but it results to zero result.

Remember the saying,  "two good heads are better than one head"
Open up to a close relative who you know can be o great help to you, don't be afraid to tell them your problems, probably they might understand and try to help you out.

2) Don't be idle:
Remember the saying " an idle man is a devil workshop"
Been idle can thrigger you to do some acts that isn't nice.
Let's assume  an idle young teen in a room probably with nothing to keep busy with,  don't you think that such person can engage himself in something unexpected of him due to the fact that he's bored and alone.

But compare it to a working teen,  occupied with stuffs to do,  would there be any chance for him to engage on negative acts?
No there won't be.
That's it!  Don't be idle,  if you  know you're addicted to masturbation, never stay idle,  rather take a work round the street,  jog or engage yourself on something better.

3) control your mind,  mind your thoughts:
Be mindful of what you think,  the activity of a man is based on what he thinks.
Your thoughts potrays who you really are.
You act according to your thoughts.
That's the main reason why its always good to mind what you think.  A negative thinker would always act negatively.  When your thoughts is based on bad stuffs,  your inner mind urges you to practice it,  you would be like,  "there won't be any harm in trying this out" where as within you,  you know that your on the wrong side but the fact is because your mind is based on the negative thoughts, your attitudes would be full of negativity.

4) meet a counsellor :
     Counsellors plays great role in situations like this,  they are responsible for counselling individuals who are addicted to Something bad.
They give you advice based on your plight,  guard your perfectly on how to stay clear off the part of the act.

Am sure if  the above mentioned ways are followed duelly,  an addicted masturbator would be released and set free from the realms of masturbation.

Sounds funny?
No it shouldn't because its the naked truth!!

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1 comment:

  1. Enter your comment...I was once an addict to this act,
    but Glory to God, I took one of the steps mentioned here(opening up to someone) and coupled with prayer I overcame it!
    when I was in the act, I couldn't even stay on a woman for 5 minutes, worst of all? 2nd round was a big problem, but since I stopped it, am now a MAN!