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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Health importance of water in the human body

Do you know that its very good and essential to always drink  water whether thirsty or not before and after eating?

Drinking enough water had numerous benefits but am gonna explain the key ones here.

The key  benefits of water to the human body is the fact that it can help to boost the amount of calories you burn.

According to studies, it can boost metabolism by 24-40% over a period if 1-1.5 hours.  This can amount to 96 additional calories burnt if you drink 2 litres (68 oz)  of water per day.

The best time to always drink water is half an hour before meals.  A study proved that half a litre of water drank 30 minutes before each meals,  helps greatly in weights.

Key importance of water:

1) Water  helps make breathing easier
2) It  helps the body to absorb food nutrients
3) It helps in the conversion of food to energy.
4) Water helps remove waste from the body.
5) It cushions and lubricated bone joints.
6) Water helps in the transportaion of energy to cells
7) It protects vital organs.
8) Water helps cells respond to environmental stimuli
9) Detoxification
10) Water contributes  to circulation
11) Water helps protein to form amino acid chains into the functional structures
13) Water helps to make enzymes
14) Water produces lymph fluid which transport vital white cells and nutrients throughout the body.
15) Water helps prevent constipation.

Facts About Water:
1) Water maked up 84% of blood
2) Water composes 25% of bones.
3) Water composes 75% of human brain.
4)Water makes up 75% of the muscles

Avoid Dehydration:
Certain activities can induce dehydration.  Dehydration can simply be defined as the loss or lack of water in the body.

Activities that can induce dehydration included strenuous exercise,  traveling by airplane, or working outside on a hot day.  Eating of certain foods like dry or processed foods can  absorb water.

Drink up.! Don't get dehydrated, its risky!.

Low water intake increases the risk of kidney stones, bladder, bladder and colon cancers,  and other health issues.  Your urine should be light medium shade of yellow, a deep yellow to almost orange is something to be concerned about.  Also, supplements tends to cause urine urine decoloration.

Don't often confuse thirst with hunger,  if you feel the urge to deal on snacks or eat, think about the last time you drank something.  Most times, your body would be telling you to hydrate(drink water)  not to eat exactly.

Don't chug down water during meals, as it would dilute important digestive enzymes that are trying to help you digest your food.
If you have experienced digestive upset after eating, try not drinking during meals.

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