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Friday, November 29, 2019

Remedies for cracked heels

Remedies For cracked heels

Cracked heels are the sickness people face recently.  Its been in existence for long though,  but its becoming rampant nowadays especially in the dry seasons or mostly for northerners.

Its always painful. It cracks on the heels,  mote like deep wounds in the heels. Its always intense during winter.

Cracked heels can be caused due to hard labour with empty foot,  intensive working on hot soil, walking on hot grounds always with bare-foot.  Over weighting is also believed to contribute to one of its cause, shoes with heel side opening too.

Many people who are suffering from these,  having tried many treatments all to ni avail,  trust me,  the following tips would help a great deal.

1) Avoid walking barefooted.
3) Don't put on cracked shoes
3) Keep your heels clean always
4) Use coconut oil always on your heels
5) Massage your heels regularly to avoid them being cracked.
6) Use boots during lavours.
7) Wear cotton socks or floppy slippers after applying the oils or cream to avoid cracking.

Hope these tips.
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